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Saint Aire is a boutique beef operation positioned on the elevated limestone hills of the picturesque Aire Valley at Glenaire, between Bass Strait and the Aire Valley Wildlife Reserve at the base of the Otway Ranges.

Ros Denney is the fourth generation to farm the limestone hills, which has been held in the Denney family since 1909. Having studied a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and spent many years creating bespoke clothing, her career has now moved 'from couture to cattle.' With an incredible eye for detail evident in a past occupation, this eye has now been focused on transforming the 280 acre property.

Ros is passionate about her choice of Bazadais cattle as foragers on the perennial and native pasture, rich in calcium and herbs. She equally invests a lot of time in ensuring the farm plan has well designed areas for conservation.  With a view to the wider eco-system, numerous natural resource management projects have been undertaken to establish a harmonious balance for both biodiversity and stock protection. The farm is home to an enormous display of australian birds, some small and seasonal like the Blue Winged Grass Parrot and some large like the broad range of more fearsome Falcons. By providing more shade and shelter over the undulating grassland hills, it is hoped the farm will become a treasure trove of more abundant bird life, mixing with the gorgeous Echidnas and Swamp Wallabies which like to call Saint Aire home, whilst protecting and enhancing pasture and soil management.

It is truly a unique tract of land to farm and raise cattle, and she is proud of what has been achieved so far and proud to offer the exceptional beef that is produced from this terroir for sale, but there is still much work to be done!